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Real Ale

Leyland - Roebuck Inn

Name: The Roebuck aka Withy Arms

Address: 3-5 Worden Lane, Leyland

First reference to the Roebuck I can find is on the 1824 Baine's directory below when Rachel Walton was the listed landlady. Prior to that time the pub was reportedly known as "The Stage" although I can find no documentary evidence to support this. Subsequent landlords were Timothy Tomlinson (1834), William Kellett (1839-41), Charles Gilchrest (1846-55), William Lowe (1858), James Speck (1861), James Leyland (1869), Hiram Carlisle (1871-72), John Hurst (1881), John Pagett (1891), Mary Hurst (1901), William Iddon (1911) and James C Smith (1917). 

1824 Baines Directory - Rachel Walton

Nowadays the pub is called the Withy Arms but for most of its existence it has been the "Roebuck" or "Buck Inn".

Annotated Map of Towngate

1834 Directory - Timothy Tomlinson

Marriage: 31 Jan 1839 St Andrew, Leyland, Lancs.
John Collister - full age, Engineer, Bachelor, Leyland
Mary Kellett - Minor, Spinster, Leyland
    Groom's Father: John Collister
    Bride's Father: William Kellett, Innkeeper
    Witness: Elizabeth Pearson; Geo. Pearson
    Married by Licence by: Thos. Marshall
    Register: Marriages 1837 - 1843, Page 60, Entry 119
    Source: Original register at Lancashire Archives

1841 Census

1846 Slater's Directory

1851 Census

1854 Mannex Directory

1855 Slater's Directory

1858 Post Office Directory - William Lowe

1861 Census

1869 Slater's Directory

1871 Census

Probate Record Hiram Carlisle

1881 Census

1891 Census

1901 Census

1911 Census

1917 Barrett's Directory

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