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Tarleton - Ram's Head Inn

Name: The Ram's Head Inn

Address: Turnpike Road (now Liverpool New Road), Tarleton

The Ram's Head Inn dates back to 1640 and is situated on what was once known as the "Turnpike" road heading from Tarleton south towards Liverpool. It was originally a farm house and during the 19th century landlords held a number of roles including farmer, publican and postmaster. Due to its location and stabling it was used as the main posting inn for the area as the 1845 map below attests but over recent decades has seen a number of reincarnations (and extensions) housing a Mexican, American and finally an Indian restaurant, the Bay Leaf, which finally closed in 2007 leaving the property empty and derelict for a number of years.

Landlords at the Inn were Margaret Croft (early 1800s), Jas (James) & Elizabeth Blundell (1814-36), Robert Howard (1841-57), Richard Hornby (1858-71), Richard Howard (1871-73), Sarah Jane Howard (1873-), Thomas Wilson (1881-96), Henry Alty (1901-11), Thomas Bond (1917), Gerald Pendlebury Blakemore (1921) and Tom Feeney (1950/60s).

Early references are made to Innkeepers at the Ram's Head on this page through birth and marriage records from St Mary's church in the village taken from the Lancashire Online Parish Clerk's website.

Baptism: 31 Jan 1814 St Mary, Tarleton, Lancs.
Charles Blundell - [Child] of James Blundell & Betty
    Abode: Tarlton Occupation: Innkeeper
    Baptised by: Edw. Master
    Register: Baptisms 1813 - 1838, Page 8, Entry 62
    Source: LDS Film 1278941

Baptism: 23 Jan 1821 St Mary, Tarleton, Lancs.
Edwd. Blundell - Son of James Blundell & Elizabeth
    Born: 23 Dec 1820
    Abode: Tarleton Occupation: Innkeeper
    Baptised by: Edwd. Master Curate
    Register: Baptisms 1813 - 1838, Page 64, Entry 506
    Source: LDS Film 1278941

1824 Directory

Baptism: 16 Apr 1826 St Mary, Tarleton, Lancs.
Thomas Howard - Son of Robert Howard & Margaret
    Abode: Tarleton Occupation: Publican
    Baptised by: Edwd. Master Curate
    Register: Baptisms 1813 - 1838, Page 101, Entry 806
    Source: LDS Film 1278941

Baptism: 13 Feb 1831 St Mary, Tarleton, Lancs.
Robert Howard - [Child] of Robert Howard & Margaret
    Abode: Tarleton Occupation: Inn keeper
    Baptised by: S. Newall Curate
    Register: Baptisms 1813 - 1838, Page 140, Entry 1117
    Source: LDS Film 1278941

20 September 1834 - Preston Chronicle - Preston, Lancashire, England
Auction of the Ram's Head Inn
All that excellent, commodious, and well-accustomed Inn, known by the name of the Ram's Head, in Tarleton, in the County of Lancaster, with the Brew House, Barn, Stables, Shippons, and other Outbuildings thereunto belonging.

1841 Census

Originally a free house the Ram's Head was taken over by Matthew Brown & Co. Brewery and became what was referred to as a Lion pub. There was a tea room at the back and an ice cream kiosk on the car park during the 1950/60s.

1845 Map

Sketch of the Ram's Head, Barn and Post Office

A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 6. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1911.
The Ram's Head Inn, a long, low, yellow-washed group of buildings at the south end of the village, was a house of some importance in the coaching days, and, though much modernized, still presents a somewhat picturesque appearance. Over the door is the inscription 'H. L. 1640,' and in one of the out-buildings facing the road is a stone with the initials 'H. L.' and the date 1714.

1851 Census

Marriage: 27 Mar 1851 St Mary, Tarleton, Lancashire, England
Robert Hunt - 30 Spirit Merchant Bachelor of Preston 
Elizabeth Howard - 21 InnKeeper's Daughter Spinster of Tarleton 
    Groom's Father: Henry Hunt, InnKeeper
    Bride's Father: Robert Howard, InnKeeper
    Witness: Ellen Howard; Susan Frigg; Anna Maria Henery; Thomas Howard ?
    Married by Licence by: Joseph Brown Curate
    Register: Marriages1837 - 1881, Page 80, Entry 160
    Source: LDS Film 1278941

1858 Directory - Richard Hornby

1861 Census

Marriage: 29 Oct 1861 St Mary, Tarleton, Lancashire, England
Richard Howard - 24 Farmer Bachelor of Tarleton 
Sarah Jane Hornby - 20 Spinster of Tarleton 
    Groom's Father: Robert Howard, Farmer
    Bride's Father: Richard Hornby, InnKeeper
    Witness: William Thomas Bell; Margaret Howard
    Married by Licence by: Mathew Fletcher Curate
    Register: Marriages1837 - 1881, Page 140, Entry 280
    Source: LDS Film 1278941

This advert in a Lancashire newspaper dates back to the 1870s and makes reference to the Inn, advertising the services of a stud called England's Glory who was making  profitable tour of the area: -

The Property of Mr. JOHN EDMONDSON, Farmer, Horton, Extwistle,
Will serve a limited number of Mares this season at Two Pounds each Mare and Five Shillings the Groom. The Groom's fee to be paid the first time of serving, and the remainder on or before the 20th day of June next, to the Groom, for which he is accountable.
"ENGLAND'S GLORY" is now rising three years old stands sixteen hands three inches high, and is a beautiful bay, on very short clean legs, with plenty of bone and of great substance, and of immense power, a splendid mover, and likely to make a first-class horse.

- Leaves his own stable for the Boot Inn, Burnley, till 3 o'clock; thence through Padiham to the Swan Inn, Whalley, all night.

- Whalley to the Bull's Head, one hour; thence to the Victoria Hotel, Blackburn, all night.

- Leaves Blackburn at 2-30 by rail to the Buck i'th Vine Inn, Burscough-street, Ormskirk, all night.

- Leaves Ormskirk when market is over, thence to Mr. Edge's, the Bull and Dog, Burscough, one hour; over Burscough Bridge to Mr. Henry Hirst's, Rufford; next to Mr. Thomas Ashcroft's, Rufford, all night.

- Leaves Rufford, through Sollom. to Mr. Richard Howard's, the Ram's Head, Tarleton, two hours; over the Bank Bridge to the Black Horse, Hoole, one hour; then to Mr. James Wilkins, the Golden Ball, Longton, all night.

- Leaves Longton for the Anchor Inn, Hutton; to Mr. Sutton's Penwortham; next to the Golden Cross, Preston till five o'clock; thence by rail to Burnley, to his own stable. To remain until Monday morning.
Any mare tried by this horse and not coming forward to be served will be charged the full season price, unless by consent of the groom. 

1869 Directory

Richard Hornby, landlord of the Ram’s Head Inn, Tarleton, was summoned for having his house open on Sunday morning, the 30th August, in contravention of his license.
10 October 1868 - Preston Herald - Preston, Lancashire, England

Marriage: 12 Oct 1870 St Mary, Tarleton, Lancashire, England
John Hart - 32 Farmer Bachelor of Tarleton 
Alice Jackson - 27 Widow of Tarleton 
    Groom's Father: John Hart, Farmer
    Bride's Father: Richard Hornby, InnKeeper
    Witness: John D Porter; Sabrina Porter
    Married by Licence by: Mathew Fletcher Rector
    Notes: Surname of father and daughter different
    Register: Marriages1837 - 1881, Page 194, Entry 388
    Source: LDS Film 1278941

1871 Census

1881 Census

1891 Census

1893 Map

1901 Census

1908 Map

1911 Census

1911 Census Summary for Tarleton

1938 Map

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  1. In the 1696-1802 Manor Court Book for Tarleon
    Courts were held at the Rams Head.
    a copy of a transcript of the above book is held in Tarleton Library in the local history section.