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Mawdesley - Clyde Arms

Name: The Clyde Arms

Address: Ridley Lane, Mawdesley

The Clyde Arms was was located on Ridley Lane on the corner with Dark Lane and Back Lane (now Bradshaw Lane). These days it is a private residence called "The Clyde" the pub having closed its doors to trade many years ago. There is a building located at the junction on the 1845 map below but no reference is made to this being a tavern.  It was not until 1908 that the Clyde Arms appeared on mapping records although it was operating as a beer house long before that time.

1845 Map

Listed landlords were Hugh Glover (1871-81), James Bentham (1891), William Townsend (1901) and William Mawdesley (1911-34).

Ormskirk Advertiser 06 August 1868

1871 Census

1881 Census

Preston Chronicle 09 August 1884

1891 Census

Marriage: 21 Apr 1900 St Peter, Mawdesley with Bispham, Lancs.
James Edward Halliwell - 25, Painter, Bachelor, The Clyde Inn Mawdesley
Elizabeth Ann Rutter - 25, Spinster, Cliffe's Farm Mawdesley
    Groom's Father: Eli Halliwell, Mechanic
    Bride's Father: Thomas Rutter, Farmer
    Witness: William Halliwell; Cicely Rutter
    Married by License by: Edmund Thomason
    Register: Marriages 1843 - 1919, Page 186, Entry 371
    Source: LDS Film 1526409

1901 Census

1908 Map

1911 Census

Burial: 12 Dec 1911 St Peter, Mawdesley with Bispham, Lancashire, England
Margaret Mawdsley - Age: 47
    Abode: Clyde Arms Hotel' Mawdesley
    Buried by: W. Pritchard Lord
    Register: Burials 1841 - 1925, Page 160, Entry 1276
    Source: LDS Film 1849640

After William Mawdsley's wife Margaret died in 1911 he remarried, as shown on the Archives record below: -

Marriage: 24 Jan 1916 St Peter, Mawdesley with Bispham, Lancs.
William Mawdsley - Full age, Licensed Victualler, Widower, Clyde Arms Hotel Mawdesley
Janet Pickett - full age, Widow, 4 Banner Street Ince
    Groom's Father: Thomas Mawdsley, deceased, Basket Maker
    Bride's Father: Patrick Levus, deceased, Iron worker
    Witness: Thomas Hatten; Jane Hatton, (X)
    Married by Licence by: W. Pritchard Lord M.A. Rector
    Register: Marriages 1843 - 1919, Page 236, Entry 472
    Source: Original register at Lancashire Archives

1926 Map

William died in 1934 and whilst I don't know how long he remained at the Clyde Arms the hotel was still open and occupied by the family in 1929, as the following marriage record for his step-son confirms: -

Marriage: 24 Jul 1929 St Peter, Mawdesley with Bispham, Lancs.
Willie Pickett - 29, Grocer's Assistant, Bachelor, Clyde Arms Mawdesley
Alice Jane Shaw - 27, Domestic Service, Spinster, Moss View Mawdesley
    Groom's Father: John Pickett, deceased, Brass Worker
    Bride's Father: Charles Shaw, deceased, Printer
    Witness: Alfred Shaw; Marion Shaw
    Married by Banns by: Collwyn David Rector
    Register: Marriages 1919 - 1933, Page 39, Entry 78
    Source: Original register held at Lancashire Archives

Details recorded on the Leyland Historical Society website provide further insight into the pub's history and suggest it eventually closed after WW2.

Broadfield Arms
Where Broadfield Arms is situated there was an old farmhouse called Baker's Farm, which was badly damaged during the war in 1940 by a bomb. 
When the public house was built, it was the law that new pubs had to take over the licence from a pub that had closed, hence the present day drinkers of the Broadfield Arms have the disfranchised patrons of the Clyde Arms, Dark Lane, Mawdesley to thank for their place of refreshment.    

Lancashire Evening Post 15 November 1946

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  1. The 1939 Register shows William Mawdsley, born 1867, still as publican.