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Monday, 25 January 2016

Chorley Pub Blog Progress

The following pub pages have now been added to my blog: -  
Anchor Hotel
Bay Horse Inn
Black-a-Moor's Head
Black Bull
Black Horse (Limbrick)
Black Horse (Pall Mall)
Bob Inn
Borough Arms
Bretherton Arms
Bridge Inn
Britannia Inn
British Oak Inn
Brooke's Arms
Brown Cow Inn
Castle Inn
Cattle Market Tavern
Clarence Hotel
Clarence Tap
Collier's Arms
Commercial Hotel
Commercial Inn
Cordwainers Arms
Cotton Tree
Court Tavern
Craven Heifer
Crofters Arms
Crown Hotel
Cunliffe Arms
Curriers' Arms
Derby Arms
Duke of York
Eagle & Child
Eagle Hotel
Euxton Tavern
Fazackerley Arms Hotel
Fazackerley Tap
Fortune of War
Fox and Goose
George Inn
Gillibrand Arms
Green Man Still
Guardian Angel
Hare and Hounds
Harper's Hotel
Harry's Bar
Hartwood Hall Hotel
Hollinshead Arms Hotel
Hop Pocket
Jackson's Arms
Joiner's Arms
King's Arms
King's Head
Leigh Arms
Lion Arms
Lord Nelson
Malt 'n' Hops
Market Tavern
Mason's Arms
Millstone Inn
Miners' Arms
Oddfellows' Arms
Old Crown
Painters' Arms
Parker's Arms
Plough Hotel
Prince Albert
Prince Consort
Prince of Wales (Cowling)
Prince of Wales (New Market Street)
Princess Royal
Printers' Arms
Queen's Arms
Queen's Hotel
Queen's Tavern
Railway Hotel
Railway Inn
Red Cat
Red Lion
Red Lion Tap
Ring o' Bells
Robin Hood Hotel
Roebuck Hotel
Rose and Crown
Royal Albert
Royal Oak Hotel
Royal Oak Tap
Sea View
Sebastopol Inn
Seven Stars
Shepherd's Arms
Spinner's Arms (Cowling)
Spinner's Arms (Harpers Lane)
Spinner's Arms (Standish Street)
Standish Arms
Stanley Ams
Swan Brewery
Swan Hotel
Swan Tap
Swan with Two Necks
Talbot Inn
Talbot Arms
Temperance Hotel
Thumbs Up
Towneley Arms
Victoria Arms Hotel
Victoria Inn
Volunteer Inn
Waggon & Horses
Waggon Makers' Arms
Waterloo Tavern
Wellington Inn
Wheat Sheaf Inn
White Bear Inn
White Bull's Head
White Horse Inn
Yew Tree Inn

If anyone happens to come across the blog and has any information they would like to share with me such as old photographs, interesting tales and memories or even corrections (probably a few of these!) then please feel free to add your comments and I will respond to you...many thanks. 

Richard Langford (April 2015)


  1. Very impressive information Richard. I've been trying to do my own little bit on the pubs of Chorley. One or two of the names on your list I haven't heard of before, and I have one or two names that you don't have - The Printers Arms (which was apparently on the same row as the pub now named Pearson's), The Crossed Keys (next door to Pearsons), The Bush (at the top of Parson's Brow), and the Blowing Jug (on the corner of Market Street and Chapel Street). The reason I know of these is an old story in the Chorley Guardian in the late 1930's and written by a then very young George Birtill, who interviewed several very old people about the town center pubs around 1870'ish. The story also names the previous title of the Miners Arms as the Bull and Butcher rather than the Peacock Tavern as you state (I am not saying you are wrong because George Birtill does make at least one mistake in this old article by referring to The Royal Albert on Brook Street as the Prince Albert).

    Moving to the Stanley Arms on Water Street - do you know the connection between that place and the Carry-On series of films? Look on the 1911 census and it says the son of the landlord is Charlie Olden, aged 4. He was actually between 5 and 6 years old and later found fame with the name "Ted Ray". He was a very well known comedian, tv and radio personality and appeared in "Carry On Teacher" as well as several other films.

    Your information though is a quite brilliant source of information which I hope you will not mind me looking at for reference purposes as I attempt to write a book of historic Chorley stories

  2. Thanks for your kind comments. I'm glad if the blog can assist you in any way so please help yourself to any of the information that's relevant. That's why I started doing the blog really to bring all the pub information together for Chorley; it's taken a while but I'm nearly finished now. I'm sure there's a few inaccuracies along the way so appreciate any additional information you may have to.

    Good old George Birtill eh? He's left a fabulous legacy for the people/town of Chorley, they couldn't have had anyone better at the helm of the Guardian. I wasn't aware of the article you speak of so will have to have a look at the library next time i'm in. I have the Printers' Arms on my blog, which was where the barbers is today but was unaware of the other names so will delve further. I wonder if the "Bull & Butcher" was actually the old name for the "Brown Cow" (next door to the Miners' Arms)? That would make more sense wouldn't it?

    You don't happen to have a copy of that article you'd be willing to share via email me do you?

    "Carry On" connection is great...I was totally unaware so will have to include something on the blog.

    Paul, I will look forward to seeing your historic stories in due course so good luck with your research and thanks for taking the time to comment on the blog.

    All the best,


  3. Richard

    Great site and really useful information. I have a copy of the George Birtill article which I would be happy to send you - just let me have your email. Mine is


    Adrian Smith

  4. I currently work in a town centre pub and which former pubs no longer exist is a frequent topic of discussion amongst our regulars. This has provided me with some great information to aid future conversations, thank you very much!

  5. I currently work in a town centre pub and which former pubs have closed or no longer exist is a frequent topic of discussion amongst our regulars. I stumbled across this blog completely accidentally but, nonetheless, it has provided me with some really useful information that I can use to aid future conversation. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

  6. Another one for your list Richard .. The unforgettably named Black Boy Inn on Moor Road .. This was a Lion Brewery house .. Many happy times in there in the 80s and 90s. Was a great locals pub .. Still open but trading as the Moor Inn for the past 20 years or so.

  7. Another for your list Richard .. The unforgettable Black Boy Inn on Moor Road .. Lion Brewery house .. Many happy times in the there in 80s and 90s with the footy and pool teams .. Now trading as Moor Inn for past 20 years or so.

    1. How could I miss that off Roger? It is actually there under the guise of the "Black-a-Moor's Head", a name it had in the 1800's before it changed to the Black Boy and subsequently the Moor Inn. The signage and outside have sadly fallen a little into disrepair in recent years but still an ongoing concern. Thanks, Richard

    2. How could I miss that off Roger? It is actually there under the guise of the "Black-a-Moor's Head", a name it had in the 1800's before it changed to the Black Boy and subsequently the Moor Inn. The signage and outside have sadly fallen a little into disrepair in recent years but still an ongoing concern. Thanks, Richard

    3. What a great site and who would have thought that so many pubs exist / existed and unfortunately have gone and exist only in the minds of people who themselves have since left us ! I lived in the Parkers Arms on Park Road from 1979 - 1982ish moving in when I was 11. Very many of these pubs have seen a lot of life throughout there existance and the ' Parkers' being no different, dating from approx 1822 as you've stated - although I must admit that I had thought it to be 30yrs older as customers stated to my parents when we lived there. As I've said that a lot of life went on in these pubs and the Parkers was no different and showed that when we lived there, with the amount of Ghostly activity that existed and in the process giving me a remarkably frightening interesting chapter in my life. I bet there's many an old pub in Chorley that has extra visitors in unusual times of night and it would be great to have past landlords / owners and patrons talk about them. Chorley is an old place where all types of people frequented these buildings and not all good I imagine. As I said though that this is a great site and will recommend people to look into it.

  8. This might be of interest. I have the origanal licence for The Eagle in
    chorley when Thomas Jackson took over in 1851. It had previously been known as The Weaver's Arms.

  9. I no all them pubs I was born chorley 1964

  10. Richard
    What email address can I send you pictures to. My Great Great Grandfather was Robert Hebden of the Fazackerley Arms and I have some you may be interested in?

  11. Richard Langford29 January 2023 at 01:38

    That would be superb Adrian. Thank you...

  12. Richard, I have sent several emails, but a couple have bounced back. Have you received anything from me?

    1. Richard Langford30 January 2023 at 13:16

      Nothing yet Adrian. Let me have your email and I'll send a test.