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Bamber Bridge - Black Bull

Name: The Black Bull

Address: 353, Station Road, Bamber Bridge

The Black Bull is located on the corner of Station Road and Club Street and was one of the oldest hostelries in Bamber Bridge until its closure in 2011.  Club Street was an early residential development too and both can be seen clearly on the 1845 map below.

1845 Map

Listed landlords at the Black Bull were Mr Collison (1810), Richard Bibby (1825), Henry Occleshaw (1834), John Seddon (1841-52), Elizabeth Seddon (1854-58), Thomas Livesey (1861), Richard Bennison (1869-71), James Wilcock (1881-92), Thomas Henry Whalley (1892), John Sumner (1901), John Derbyshire (1911) and Christopher Conde (2010).

The earliest reference I can find for the pub is the death record below, for a Mr Collison who must have been one of the first landlords. There is an Edward Collison who was buried at St. John's in Preston on 30th November 1810 who is likely to be the same person.

Births, Marriages and Deaths
On the 16th November Mr Collison, of the Black-Bull Inn, Bamber Bridge, near Preston.  
08 December 1810 - Lancaster Gazette

1841 Census

1851 Census

On Monday afternoon as the train which reaches Bamber Bridge on the East Lancashire Railway was approaching the station, fireman, John Smith, saw a boy on the line, about 60 or 70 yards in advance of the train.  He immediately called out to the engine driver, who reversed the engine, and signalled the guard to put on the break.  Before the train stopped he jumped off the engine and went back to look for the boy, when he found the body in the gutter quite dead, having apparently been struck by the buffer of the engine.  An inquest was held on the body of the deceased, who was named John Baxendale, and was eleven years of age, at the house of John Seddon, Bamber Bridge, on Tuesday, before Mr Walker, deputy coroner, when a verdict of ‘Accidental death’ was returned.                                                                                                                          Preston Chronicle 8th December 1852.

1854 Mannes Directory

In 1854 and 1855 local directory records confirm that the pub was now been run by Elizabeth Seddon, the daughter of the previous landlord, John Seddon. 

1855 Slater's Directory

Burial record of John Seddon 9th June 1857

By 1861 a new family had moved into the property, the Liveseys.

1861 Census

Future landlord James Wilcock was already living in Bamber Bridge at the time of the Baptism below and was running the Hob Inn.

Baptism: 29 Nov 1868 St Saviour, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire, England
James Wilcock - Child of James Wilcock & Mary
    Born: 31 Oct 1868
    Abode: Bamber Bridge
    Occupation: Inn Keeper
    Baptised by: Jas. Taylor Vicar
    Register: Baptisms 1837 - 1880, Page 203, Entry 1623
    Source: LDS Film 1471151

1871 Census

1881 Census
  Baptism: 11 Dec 1881 St Saviour, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire, England
Alice Wilcock - Child of James Wilcock & Mary Ann
    Born: 29 Oct 1881
    Abode: Bamber Bridge
    Occupation: Licensed Victualler
    Baptised by: C Wesley
    Register: Baptisms 1880 - 1893, Page 11, Entry 2389
    Source: LDS Film 1471151

1891 Census

Thomas Henry Whalley was to take over the Black Bull from James Wilcock in 1892 but the below baptismal record confirms he was already an Innkeeper in Bamber Bridge in 1889, although the location of his pub is not known to me at this time. His original trade was a "Bookkeeper" and in 1891 just prior to taking over the Black Bull he was living at 8, Whalley Street, next door to his mother Margery who is listed as a "Grocer and Beer Seller" at 10 School Lane. By its location on the enumerator's route between Ashworth and Whalley Street I believe this is now no.42 School Lane, School Lane Super Saver (newsagents and off-licence).

Baptism: 14 Apr 1889 St Saviour, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire, England
Thomas Henry Whalley - Child of Thomas Henry Whalley & Elizabeth Ellen
    Born: 16 Mar 1889
    Abode: Bamber Bridge
    Occupation: Inn Keeper
    Baptised by: Jas. Taylor Vicar
    Register: Baptisms 1880 - 1893, Page 78, Entry 2859

1891 Census Thomas Henry Whalley
Licensing Sessions, yesterday, the following transfers were...; the Black Bull, Bamber Bridge, from James Wilcock to Thomas H. Whalley; the Pear Tree Inn, School Lane, from William Garlick to James Turner.
09 April 1892 - Preston Chronicle - Preston, Lancashire, England

Let by Tender, the BLACK BULL INN, Bamber Bridge — Apply. Cardwell’s Brewery, Tithebarn Street, Preston. 

06 June 1896 - Preston Herald - Preston, Lancashire, England

2012 Ale Cry

Tithebarn Street and Old Vicarage, Preston 1960 Preston Digital Archive

1901 Census

1911 Census

Mr. John Parker (Preston) applied for the renewal the licence of the Black Bull, Station-road, Bamber Bridge, which had been objected to by the police on the grounds of redundancy. 

15 March 1913 - Preston Herald - Preston, Lancashire, England

Lancashire Evening Post Wednesday 13 January 2010 
Pub raid bar boss 'was high on drugs' 
A pub boss was allegedly high on drugs when police visited to investigate claims of underage drinking. Police are calling for a review of the licence at the Black Bull, Bamber Bridge, after claiming the former landlord did not have effective control of the premises. Christopher Conde was named on the licence as premises supervisor, but spent most of his time working away. Officers say the Station Road pub became a magnet for underage drinkers and violent individuals banned from other venues. Customers were reported to the police after entering the nearby Naaz Indian restaurant and dancing the conga between the tables. Police are now calling for measures at the pub to be beefed up, including staff training on underage sales, a register of customers they refuse to serve and closing the outdoor drinking area at 10pm. South Ribble's licensing panel has the powers to shut the pub permanently or prevent it from trading for up to three months. Sgt Tony Bushell, licensing sergeant for Southern Division, said: "It was established there were no procedures in place for preventing underage sales, this was confirmed by the barman (Mr Conde) who had received no training in age-related product sales. Due to the demeanour and physical appearance of the barman he may have been under the influence of drugs." In her statement, Niky Barrett, South Ribble's licensing enforcement officer, added: "He fidgeted constantly throughout the conversation and frequently rubbed his hand against his nostrils. "My attention was also drawn to the size of his pupils, which were fully dilated despite the fact the pub was well lit." Sgt Bushell said a test purchasing operation planned for the pub in October was abandoned because "the hostile nature of the clientele made it unsafe for the volunteers to enter". Gosschalks Solicitors, which represents brewery Enterprise Inns the owners of the Black Bull, said Mr Conde had been removed from the pub as licensee and agreed to comply with conditions requested by police. 

Read more at: Lancashire Evening Post

The Black Bull 2018 (closed in 2011 as a pub)

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