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Horwich - Victoria Hotel

Name: The Victoria Hotel

Address: 349 Chorley New Road, Horwich

The Victoria Hotel was built in the late 1890's, located on the corner of Chorley New Road and Arkwright Street it was aptly named, being just a stone's throw from both the Victoria Mill and Victoria Brick Works.

1907 Map
Listed Landlords were Thomas Leigh (1895), James Meadows (1905) and William Walsh (1911-14).

Picture taken outside the Victoria Hotel in Horwich in 1914.
The vehicle is a 6 cylinder Vulcan with the registration number BN 1937

1905 Kelly's Directory - Jas Meadows

1981 CAMRA Publication

The hotel closed in 2012 and has now been redeveloped as a Nisa supermaket.

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