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Leyland - Seven Stars Hotel

Name: The Seven Stars Hotel

Address: 93, Leyland Lane, Leyland


The Seven Stars Hotel dates back to the early 1830s and pre-dates its namesake on Towngate by several decades. To add further confusion, the Old Original Seven Stars beerhouse was located only a stone's throw from here.

1844 Map

Listed landlords at the Seven Stars Hotel were John Booth (1831), William Kellett (1832-42), William Hunter (1846), George Glover (1851-61), Thomas Heywood (1858), Thomas Clitheroe (1869-76), Jane Clitheroe (1876-86), Thomas Waring (1886-92), John Clayton (1901), Alice Parkinson (1911-14), Robert Haydock (1917) and Peter Cowburn (1945).

At the house of John Booth, the Seven Stars, in Leyland Lane, an Tuesday, the ?? day of January, 1832, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon ; in one or mote lots... 
31 December 1831- Preston Chronicle 

1834 Pigot's Directory

1841 Census

On Saturday last, a coroner's inquest was held at the Seven Stars, Leyland Lane, 
on the body of John Iddon, son of Mr. Iddon, Fox Lane, Leyland, aged three years 
and eleven months.
20 December 1845 - Leeds Times

1846 Slater's Directory

1851 Census

 Meeting of the Loyal and Independent Order of Mechanics 
at Mr. Glover's, the Seven Stars Inn, Leyland-lane.
04 June 1853 - Preston Chronicle 

1854 Mannex Directory

1855 Directory

Annotated Map of the Seven Stars Area
1858 Post Office Directory

Death Notices
On Wednesday last, Mr. Thomas Heywood, of the Seven Stars Inn, Leyland-lane, 
aged 51 years.
24 April 1858 - Preston Chronicle

1861 Census

On Thursday last an inquest was held at the Seven Stars Inn, Leyland, on the body of George Glover, who had committed suicide by hanging himself.
26 October 1861 - Preston Chronicle

The press excerpts above and below document a turbulent year for Margaret Glover with her husband's suicide and Baptism of their daughter Mary Ann occurring within days of one another. It is little wonder that she chose to leave the Seven Stars shortly afterwards to make a new home for herself and her children in the Crofter's Arms. 

Baptism: 28 Oct 1861 St James, Leyland, Lancashire, England
Mary Ann Glover - [Child] of George Glover & Margaret
    Abode: Leyland Lane
    Occupation: Publican
    Baptised by: R. M. Master
    Register: Baptisms 1855 - 1900, Page 16, Entry 127
Source: LDS Film 1526058

Auction Lot 6.—A valuable Freehold FARM, called Atherton Tenement, situate in Fox-lane, near to the Seven Stars, Leyland, with farm buildings, gardens, and orchard.
21 December 1867 - Preston Herald

 Seven Stars Inn
Mr. HENRY SNAPE has been instructed to offer for Sale Auction, the house Mr. Thos. Clitheroe, the Seven Stars Inn. Leyland-lane, on Monday at six o’clock in the evening, subject to such conditions, in such other lots... 
07 March 1868 - Preston Herald

1869 Slater's Directory

1871 Census

Marriage: 3 Apr 1873 St James, Leyland, Lancashire, England
William Nelson - 25 Blacksmith Bachelor of Dunkirk Lane 
Elizabeth Glover - 19 Weaver Spinster of Leyland Lane 
    Groom's Parents: William Nelson, (Deceased), Blacksmith
    Bride's Parents: George Glover, (Deceased), Inn Keeper
    Witness: George Glover; Alice Mawdesley
    Married by Banns by: O. Fynes Clinton
    Register: Marriages 1855 - 1901, Page 88, Entry 176
    Source: LDS Film 1526058

1881 Census

Licensing Sessions
Mr. Jukes applied for the license the Seven Stars, Leyland-lane, to be transferred to Thomas Waring, the last tenant was Jane Clitheroe, who died. There was no objection to the transfer.
25 August 1886 - Preston Herald

1891 Census

A meeting in connection with the Leyland and Farington estates belonging to Mr. William Bashall was held at Mr. Wareing's Seven Stars Hotel, Leyland. After the rents had been received the tenantry sat down to an excellent dinner.
14 May 1892 - Preston Chronicle

1901 Census

1911 Census

 Court on Monday labourer named James Weaver was charged with stealing 10s. in money from cash drawer at the Seven Stars Hotel, Leyland, on February 12th, the property Henry Parkinson. Prisoner was committed to goal for a month.
21 February 1914 - Preston Herald

1917 Barrett's Directory

Lot 2.—The FULLY-LICENSED HOTEL, known as "THE SEVEN STARS" Leyland Lane, LEYLAND, with Bowling Green attached.
12 June 1920 - Lancashire Evening Post

Peter Cowbum (60). of the Seven Stars Hotel, Leyland Lane, Leyland, was fined 20s plus three guineas costs, at Leyland, yesterday, for selling intoxicants during...
01 May 1945 - Lancashire Evening Post

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